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    Company Introduction
    Xuzhou Hengyue Glass Products Co., Ltd. is located in Xuzhou Ma Po Industrial Development Zone, convenient transportation, highways, railways, waterways extending in all directions, the company was founded in 2006, I plant with automatic production line to 45, artificial lines 70 Nissan various types of glass 2.8 million, the existing more than 500 workers, including senior technical staff of 28 people, 15 quality control personnel, product quality strict checks, layers of control, high-quality products to win the favor of domestic and foreign customers,
    • Xuzhou Hengyue Glass Products Co., Ltd.
    • Phone錛?3337955008
    • Url錛歸ww.www.208bo.com
    • Address錛歑uzhou north glass technology industrial park
    • Online Message
    Beverage bottles
    Sealed jar
    Crafts bottles
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